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Speaking Topics include, but are not limited to:


-Mental Health & Wellbeing

-Ableism & Disability

-Change & Resilience


-Decolonial Education & Healthcare


-Teamwork & Group Dynamics


-Muslim Occupation

-Sufism & Spirituality

-Islamophobia & Intergroup Dialogue




-Educational Praxis

Featured Guest Spots with Dr. Hendricks

Decolonial Dialogues: Reflections of Ideas From The Field, Nov 2022 CLICK TO LISTEN - 53 min audio

Faizal Sayed Show

"Mobilizing Civic Action Against Violence", 2017

SABC Documentary

"Women in Islam", Aug 2018

Grand Online Mawlid-un-Nabi (North America)

by Dr Fatima Hendricks - Oct 2021

Academia Library

"Sabr 'Relationship between Ramadaan and Patience' by Dr Fatima Hendricks", Apr 2021

Academia Library

"'Allah is sufficient for us' by Dr Fatima Hendricks", May 2021

2018 Cape Accord Conference

"The Cape Accord: Seeking Common Ground", June 2018

Upcoming Events

ILOTA - Naperville, IL, November 2022 - Course Instruction

A narrative review of Student of Student Evaluations of Teaching in Decolonial Praxis: Implications for OT higher education

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