Dr. Hendricks has taught/teaches:
Evaluation & Intervention I, Research Project I, Research Project II, Health Conditions, Contexts, Human Occupation, Fieldwork, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Non-violence & Peace, Research Methods

Dr. Hendricks is a MENTAL HEALTH First Aid Instructor (National Council for Mental Wellbeing)

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Academic Publications

Tensions in describing Muslim religious practices:

Insights generated from an Islamic monotheist perspective

As forms of human occupation, religious practices have tended to be separated from spirituality in occupational science discussions. This paper describes the tensions we experienced in trying to situate a religious practice in Islam, namely salah (prayer), in relation to existing understandings of human occupation.

Fatima Hendricks, Chicago State University, USA

Roshan Galvan, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy, Madina Institute, Atlanta, USA

Nov 6, 2022

Perceptions about Authentic Leadership Development: South African Occupational Therapy Students' Camp Experience

This study explores authentic leadership development primarily among Black OT students attending a pilot Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa (OTASA) National Student Leadership Camp. It seeks to ascertain their perceptions on leadership and leadership development.

Fatima Hendricks, OTASA, Vlaeberg

Susan Toth-Cohen, Thomas Jefferson University

Mar 25, 2018

SAGE Encyclopedia 2023

- The SAGE Encyclopedia of Multicultural Counseling, Social Justice, and Advocacy; Shannon B. Dermer, Jahaan R. Abdullah

- Entry: Religious Cults

(2000 words)

Reflective Practice of Islamophobia Intergroup Dialogues in Higher Education

Fatima Hendricks - Journal of Education in Muslim Societies - Indiana University Press

Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 2020 pp. 97-106



by Dr. Fatima Hendricks

Islamophobia Intergroup Dialogues

A Facilitator's E-Guide

ITEP 2020 Capstone Project

American University School of Education & Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Decolonial Praxis: Doing, Being & Becoming

Our Journey of Unsettling

ITEP (Intl Training & Education Program) American University School of Education

Student Supervised Publications

AOTA.org - American Occupational Therapy Association Practice Pulse Newsletter // May 1, 2021

Memorable reflections of our first writing circle experiences in decolonial praxis

(Asia Clark, Marina Mishin, Michaele Singleton, Marissa Epps)

Research in Progress

  • Decolonial Dialogues in higher education - Qualitative study with higher education faculty working in decolonial praxis

  • Student Evaluations in Decolonial Praxis - Scholarly Annotated Biography (SAB), mitigating biases in student evaluations in teaching

  • Literature Review - SETS & Decolonial Praxis

  • Intergroup dialoguing on Islamophobia

  • Muslim Occupations



A Mindful Weekend of Love & Hope with Scholar Dr. Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy

Wisconsin Muslim Journal // Dec 24, 2021


Beauty & the Beast: A Spiritual Take on Breast Cancer

AOTA.org - American Occupational Therapy Association Practice Pulse Newsletter // Dec 24, 2021


Witnessing a Miracle: Masjid Al-Qur'an's Honey Harvest

Wisconsin Muslim Journal // Sep 21, 2021

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